Docks for Sale or Rent  Updated 5-22-2022  (Available to Beachwood Residents Only)



Slip A-12 28 (For sale or rent) Barbara Mervine cell 216-308-9723


Slip C-14 28 (For sale or rent) Contact Richard Hutchings 954-263-4042 or Lesley Hudgins 954-336-4042


Slip A-4 24 with (For sale or rent) Contact Denise at


Slip C-18 28 (for sale or rent) Contact Jeff & Christine Greetham  614-846-7410 or


Slip C-4 28 (For rent or sale) David Courtad  330-592-0850 or


Slip C-6 28 (For rent or sale) Marlene Lyon  440-930-7193 or 440-522-0364 cell or  


Slip D-15 32 (For sale or rent) Jack 330-495-6511

Slip C-10 28 (For sale)  Edward Putnoky Jr  614-905-7616

Slip B-05 36 (For sale)  Edward Putnoky Jr  614-905-7616