Amended June 27, 2018, Rev. 5

The following guidelines, rules, and regulations have been established to provide a basis for the rights and responsibilities of people using the marina property. The intent of this document is to specifically identify certain activities that will assure the property rights of the condominium owners and sub lessees, appropriate use of the facility with respect to safety procedures, and the responsibilities of the people who dock their boats in the marina.

I. ASSOCIATION The Declaration and By-laws of the Beachwood Villas Condominium Owners Association, Inc., are included herein by reference. The rules and regulations of the marina are subordinated to those documents. Wherever reference is made to a boat, it includes all other types of watercraft - jet-skis, dinghies, floats and rafts, etc.


A) BOAT SPEED: No boat shall create a wake or exceed an idle speed within the marina area.

B) FUEL CONTAINERS - STORAGE OF FUEL: No flammable fuel shall be brought into the marina in any portable tank, can or other container. No fuel in any portable container shall be stored on or in any watercraft, with the exception of U.S. Coast Guard approved outboard tanks fitted with fuel line couplings.

C) CONDITION OF BOAT AND EQUIPMENT: Every boat shall be maintained in good condition and shall comply with and shall be operated in compliance with all applicable Coast Guard, Federal, State, and local safety and operational rules and regulations.

D) RULES OF THE ROAD: When approaching the mouth of the marina, it is recommended that all boats sound one prolonged blast on their horns. This signal should be answered by a prolonged blast by any vessel under way within hearing, either inside or outside the marina, to avoid possible collision. In our marina the inbound boat has the right-of- way.



A) MOORING LINES: Mooring lines will be of adequate size and in good condition. When lines are not tied to boats they must be neatly placed on dock in a manner to not cause trip hazards.

B) WATERPROOF POWER CORDS AND CONNECTORS: Cords and connectors of adequate size and in good condition are to be used for shore power hook- ups. Power cords must be switched off at the power stand before disconnecting from your boat. Cords should be wound up and hung from the power stand.

C) DOCK BOXES: There will be a standard size and shape dock box. See Dock Box Specifications for further information. Dock boxes shall be installed and maintained at the expense of the slip owner. D) WATER HOSES: Hoses are to be stored on the hangers or brackets provided on the utility stands. Do not leave hoses on the walkways.

E) HALYARDS: Sail boaters shall secure halyards away from masts to prevent noise.

F) BOAT TRAILERS: Boat trailers shall not be parked or stored in Beachwood Villas parking lots or other Common Areas on weekends from Friday evening to Sunday evening, and all holiday weekends. Short-term use of the parking areas on weekdays is acceptable (meaning one or two days and overnight).


A) DOCKING: All boats shall dock in their assigned slips unless specific arrangements have been made with the owner of another slip. All boats assigned slips must display a current Beachwood Marina sticker.

B) CLEATS: Boats shall tie only to the cleats provided on the docks.

C) ATTACHMENTS TO DOCKS: Nothing shall be attached to, suspended from or stored upon any dock or catwalk except: (a) fenders of reasonably uniform appearance,

(b) mooring lines attached to the cleats and coiled in a safe and non-obstructive way, and (c) approved shore power cords. Maintenance supplies, tools and other equipment must not be left on docks. Use of carpet on the docks or catwalks is expressly prohibited.

D) OBSTRUCTIONS: No obstruction shall be permitted to remain on any dock or catwalk. This includes boat covers and mooring lines, which obstruct the walkways.

E) DAMAGE TO MARINA FACILITY: Each owner is responsible for any damage which he or any of his family or guests may cause anywhere in the marina.

F) If dinghies, rubber boats or rafts, jet-skis and similar watercraft are kept in the marina, they must be properly moored within the confines of the owners' dock space.

G) Referring to Section 13 of the slip Sublease Agreement, any boat moored in the marina may not exceed the length of the slip. The application of this rule will be based upon over-all boat length including pulpit, swim platform, and outboard motor. No deviation from this rule will be permitted. The Marina Committee has thoroughly investigated the basis for this requirement by contacting the manufacturer of the dock system and the consulting engineer who designed the components for our marina. Both concur that we must adhere to design criteria. A letter to this effect is on file.

H) It is suggested that jet pads follow the attached diagram when tying up to your dock. Jet pads should not touch your dock, dock floats and water lines when properly tied up. Jet pad mooring lines should be nylon braid minimum and in good condition. No polypropylene lines, chains, or wire rope are permitted.

I) All jet pads must have an identification number using your dock number, preferably white block number 3 tall attached to the bow.

J) Jet pads must be maintained in good condition, ie no weeds growing, no dead fish and debris, etc.

K) EZ load docks with hard connections must be attached with systems approved by the committee. Attachment with lines is preferred.

L) Jet pad must be adequate to maintain weight of jet skis, ie jet pad buoyancy adequate enough to support jet skis totally out of the water so they cannot float off by themselves.

K) Jet skis must be secured and tied down to the jet pad to prevent them from floating off by themselves


V. INSPECTION A) MARINA COMMITTEE: Members of the Marina Committee, or any person approved by the Committee, shall have the right to inspect any boat, at any time, in company with the owner, to insure that adequate safety standards are observed and that his boat is seaworthy and in good condition. The Marina Committee may call any condition, which it deems unsafe to the attention of the owner and the owner shall promptly rectify, same.

Boats, which are judged to be a threat to lives and or property, must be removed from the marina.


A) REFUSE: All refuse shall be deposited in designated containers supplied by the marina. To reduce maintenance costs, slip owners are encouraged to use the trash containers in their condo building, especially if the marina containers are full or almost full.

B) FISH: Cleaning fish anywhere on the docks, boardwalks or walkways is strictly prohibited, and no fish remains are to be placed in the marina trash containers or any building trash containers.

C) PUMPING OVERBOARD: Pumping waste products into the marina is prohibited. A pump-out station for boat owners is located at the east end of the marina on the pier.


A) COOKING ON DOCKS: Open flame or charcoal grill cooking shall not be permitted in any part of the marina.

B) VEHICLES: Bicycles, tricycles, scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, etc., are not permitted on the docks or walkways.

C) SWIMMING: Swimming is not permitted in the marina.

D) CHILDREN: Slip owners are responsible for family and guests using the marina. An adult must accompany children under age 12 at all times while in and about the marina. Children under 12 must wear a Coast Guard approved P.F.D. (Life jacket) while on the docks and walkways. No running permitted.

E) DOGS AND PETS: Dogs must be leashed at all times while on marina property. All pet waste is to be cleaned up and removed by the owners.

F) NOISE: No excessive noise shall be permitted. Boat owners and guests must refrain from any activity, which creates a nuisance.

G) BREAKWALL: No one is permitted to climb on the break wall stones.


A) NO WAIVER: Any expressed or implied waiver of any rule or regulation shall not be deemed to be a continuing waiver by the Marina Committee and, notwithstanding any prior practice or course of business, any such rule or regulation may be enforced by the Marina Committee any time without prior notice.

B) AMENDMENTS AND MODIFICATIONS: The rules and regulations may be added to, modified or amended at any time and from time to time at the absolute discretion of the Marina Committee by posting any such changes for a minimum of ten days at the marina facility, the marina website, and/or by notification via U.S. mail and/or e-mail.

C) INTERPRETATION: The decision of the Beachwood Villas Marina Committee as to any interpretation or application of any rule or regulation shall be final and binding upon all persons.

IX. COMPLAINT PROCEDURE Complaints against anyone violating the rules are to be made to the Marina Committee in writing and containing the signature of the individual filing the complaint. The Marina Committee will in most instances contact the alleged violator after receipt of each complaint. If some infraction of the rules actually did occur, the person involved will be asked to cease the violation.

If reasonable efforts to gain compliance are unsuccessful, the slip owner and/or unit owner will be subject to a sanction in accordance with a determination made by the Marina Committee.

The entire cost of affecting a legal remedy to enforce compliance, including attorney fees and management charges, shall be added to the account of the violating slip owner-boat owner.


A) In order that all boats docked in the marina be identified as to ownership and size, boat owners must furnish the Marina Committee with a copy of the ODNR Watercraft Registration certificate. The document should be mailed to: Beachwood Villas Marina Committee, 1507 Cleveland Road East, Mailbox #40, Huron, OH 44839. Or contact a member of the Marina Committee and they will provide the name and address of the committee member who is currently handling the boat identification procedure. Upon receipt of the requested information, a Beachwood Villas Marina sticker will be provided. The sticker is to be displayed in an easily seen location on the watercraft.

B) The Sixth Amendment to the Declaration of Condominium Ownership Beachwood Villas Condominiums submitted and assigned the Marina to the condominium development (Beachwood Villas Owners Association).

1.     Sublease: The sublease of slips is restricted to Family Unit Owners. Further sublease (rental) by the unit owner is limited to persons residing in Beachwood Villas Condominiums. Therefore, no one is permitted to sublease a slip and either dock or operate a boat from the Marina unless they are family members of unit owners or residents of Beachwood Villas Condominiums.

2.     Co-ownership: In the event a boat is co-owned, both owners must live in Beachwood Villas - they must both be unit owners or residents, or they cannot dock the boat in the Marina.

3. Corporation or Trust Ownership: Privately held Corporation or Trust ownership of a boat in the marina is allowable providing the Corporation ownership and condo ownership can be tied (i.e., an owner of the corporation or the corporation is the slip and condo owner). In this situation there must be a common name on all official documents for all three - condo unit, slip and boat.

C) Slips may be further subleased or rented to another unit owner or a resident. A rental agreement form is available for use in this type of transaction. A copy of the rental agreement must be given to the Marina Committee for approval.

The Marina Committee must be informed of any pending rentals. The boat to be brought into the marina must be identified with a Beachwood Villas Marina sticker prior to entering the marina. This requires sending a copy of the boat's ODNR registration certificate to the Marina Committee, whereupon a sticker will be issued, if everything is in order.

XI. BOAT USE A) Boats docked in the marina may not be used for any commercial activity.

B) Living aboard a boat docked in the marina is prohibited, other than for short stays not to exceed one week.

Approved 8/12/15 by D. Bradley, Chairman, Marina Committee


The following specifications are to be used as a guideline in selecting a dock box.

Rectangular Box: 55 x 30 x 25 high

Color -white

Construction - molded plastic or fiberglass

Tricorner Box: 61 x 33 x 25 high

Color -white

Construction - molded plastic or fiberglass

There will be some unique problems encountered when installing boxes on A, C, and D docks. Rectangular boxes for A docks will have to be cantilevered or installed so they hang over the back side of the walkway. C and D dock tricorner box installation may require relocating the mooring cleat used for one bow line. On half of the C and D docks tricorner box installation may require moving the box out to avoid the mooring post in the corner of the slip.

Anyone with questions should contact the marina committee before proceeding with installation.

Approved 4/18/05 by Terry Squire, Chairman-Marina Committee