Beachwood Villas Condominium Owners Association

Winterization and/or Absentee Owners Policy


Please review the policy stated below, which has long been in effect at Beachwood Villas and return the bottom portion of the form as soon as possible. All owners should return the form even if only short periods of travel away from Beachwood are planned. Thank you for your cooperation.


Owners planning to be off the premises for more than a day must:


       Shut off all water supplies (including icemakers)

       Leave water faucets on (to eliminate pressure build up and the possibility of cracking a wall pipe, when the water is turned back on)

       Shut off the circuit breaker for the water heater

       (In winter) Set your heat thermostat between 55 and 60 degrees.

       Provide a key for emergency entry into your unit (as forcible entry is permitted by the association documents in emergency situations). It is noted that while every attempt will be made to contact an owner, there may be an emergency situation that cannot wait.



Beachwood Villas Condominium Owners Association

Winterization/Absentee Owner Form


Please sign, detach and return this portion with your next monthly payment.



I have read the Winterization and Absentee Owner Policy and by my signature below agree to follow the terms as presented.



A current key to my unit is in the association lockbox. Yes ____ No ____


Please give a phone # where you can most likely be reached ___________________.



A current key to my unit is held by ____________________________________, who is authorized to provide entry to the unit in case of emergency.


The phone # where he/she can be reached is: _______________________



Unit# _______ Owner Signature ______________________________________

Date: ______________________